How Findaway World makes customers happy by always finding a solution Featured

8:01pm EDT May 31, 2012
How Findaway World makes customers happy by always finding a solution

When Findaway World was founded, the leaders wanted employees to feel empowered to act on their own to solve customer problems. So they created a list of core values that they hoped would serve as the foundation for the business.

This philosophy has served the company well and is a big reason behind the success of the world’s first self-playing audiobook.

Co-founder and CEO Mitch Kroll wanted a company that creates products that are simple for customers to use and one that has systems in place that make it simple to resolve problems.

Employees are asked to take responsibility and give respect, to exceed expectations at all levels and always do what’s right. They are hired because of their ability to embrace change and pursue growth and do so with a high level of passion. As the company’s name implies, they are asked to always, ‘Find a way.’

Kroll doesn’t believe in the idea of a few VIP customers. Rather he views all his customers as being worthy of that kind of exemplary service. That applies whether you’re buying a few products from his company or you’re a library purchasing thousands of units every year.

When problems do occur, a study is undertaken to determine what happened and why it happened. The idea is to find out what can be done to prevent the problem from happening again.

This is all possible because employees don’t have to wait for their superior to give the OK to take action. They have been trained to handle situations on their own and they know what to do. It creates an environment where people believe things will get done rather than wondering if they can be done.

It’s a big reason why the company has become such a success.

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