From the hearts of our sponsors Featured

7:00pm EDT November 24, 2006

Family Heritage Life Insurance

We believe that an individual, a team, a company cannot be its best without taking some time to look outside its own needs and to focus on the needs of others. We further believe that the importance of philanthropy becomes even more important as an organization becomes more successful.

Philanthropy is an essential part of the Family Heritage culture. Our products are designed to help people during difficult periods in their lives, and the people who support and administer those products display that helping attitude in their everyday lives. Most are involved in community philanthropic organizations.

All of our senior executives are on boards of philanthropic organizations and are actively involved in those organizations. And all employees at every level actively participate in fundraisers for philanthropic organizations that the company supports.

We do not see charitable giving as a duty or an obligation. We view charitable giving as something that is critically important to helping our company thrive and grow.

Moreover, we believe that an organization’s level of and commitment to philanthropy are a measure of its success. We also believe that everything that goes around comes around, so there is an element of return to our giving.

Fifth Third Bank

At Fifth Third, we believe that if you build a stronger community, you build a better bank.

The Foundation Office reviews hundreds of funding proposals and requests for assistance from nonprofit entities and works strategically to align private and corporate contributions to effect the greatest and most positive change possible. The broad categories Fifth Third supports are health and human services, community development, cultural and arts, and education.

Fifth Third encourages employees to find causes they believe in and donate in whatever manner is appropriate for their personal situations. These donations can be in the form of volunteerism, monetary contributions, or participation in charity events. We consider all of these acts to be community service.

The first consideration is whether the cause fits into one of the four categories our foundation supports. Once that fit is determined, we also take into consideration any employee participation or involvement, so we can reinforce their individual contributions. And finally, we consider the financial impact of the cause, with the goal of making the most positive impact for the monetary investment.

Corporate College

As an educational institution, we are in the service business, and yet we know that to fulfill our commitment to our region, our employees need to be engaged in our community. Cuyahoga Community College touches the lives of more than 55,000 individuals annually, and our employees extend that reach through their individual volunteer efforts. Corporate College is committed to encouraging employers to take a strategic approach to their philanthropy dollars and to their commitment of employee hours in volunteer efforts.

We are currently campaigning for employers to model their support of education by assisting their employees in expanding their education but also by finding ways to encourage and support employees’ efforts to support the education of their children and the children of our community. The support of education in this way ensures an educated work force, and that is a strategic philanthropic effort that will pay off for the individuals, the employer and the regional economy.

— Denise Reading, president, Corporate College


CVS/pharmacy is proud to be the sponsor of the Samaritan Award this year.

Since 1996, CVS has hired more than 50,000 former welfare recipients. Many have moved up the career path to become technicians, supervisors and managers. This past summer, we had 1,800 inner city youth participate in our Pathways to Pharmacy program. These students had an opportunity to work in our stores and learn about a career in pharmacy.

CVS/pharmacy’s giving programs are widespread. They reach infants and the elderly. They help students and mothers, children and grandparents. They engage people from all walks of life in almost every community we serve.

Our programs are developed and carefully focused to reflect the diversity of the communities in which our stores are located. With a primary focus on children with disabilities and health care for the uninsured, CVS has become an active participant in helping people live better lives through enhanced health care services, improved approaches to education and healthier communities in which to live.

Think Media

Think Media Studios is honored to support the Pillar Award for its second year. Brian Glazen opened the doors to Think Media only two years ago and the community of Northeast Ohio quickly opened its doors to this young, thriving company.

Think Media encourages giving back to the community that has so warmly welcomed it. Glazen and his employees believe that growth comes from a spark within, and so it is their philosophy to make a positive and lasting change in the community by not only sharing their expertise and resources but also their time.

Hughie’s Audio Visual

It is our philosophy at Hughie’s Audio Visual to support and give back to the organizations and companies that have helped us grow. Whether in the form of equipment donations or monetary contributions, it is our way of saying thank you to those who have put their trust in us to professionally handle their presentation needs.

We also recognize that, by supporting community projects and activities, we can enhance our community’s reputation and, in turn, help stimulate new business from which we all can benefit. Over the past few years, we have contributed to companies in the Greater Cleveland community through volunteerism and financial support.

They, in turn, have been able to help people in need, and for that, we are grateful.