Jennifer Altstadt, President, Weatherchem Corp. Featured

8:00pm EDT August 31, 2012
Jennifer Altstadt, President, Weatherchem Corp.

Weatherchem Corp. has been an innovator in the packaging industry since 1971, and it currently works within dozens of markets to provide packaging that excels in user convenience, safety and shelf impact.

In 2004, Jennifer Altstadt became president and assumed leadership at a pivotal time in Weatherchem’s history. The company had achieved early success with the Flapper cap, a dispensing closure used in grated cheese, household chemicals and spice and seasonings markets, but patents were expiring and revenue was stagnating. To reinvigorate the company, Alstadt led Weatherchem into five new product lines in just two years, and Weatherchem entered these new markets with one-of-a-kind solutions.

Under Altstadt’s leadership, Weatherchem has renewed its commitment to innovation and its New Product Development Innovation Group is dedicated to recognizing and expanding new ideas. The team is focused on packaging solutions that differentiate its products, enhance the customer experience and extend brand loyalty.

Recent Weatherchem developments include LiquiFlapper closure for pourable products and the NutraGen product line for the growing vitamins and supplements market.  Through strategic development, collaborative brainstorming and market analysis, the team is able to identify consumer needs develop new products.

Weatherchem cites 2011 as the most successful year in its 40-year history, a feat achieved by significant growth in revenues and employment. IHOP syrup, featuring Weatherchem LiquiFlapper closure, was awarded with a 2012 Package of the Year Award and recent research revealed Weatherchem to deliver superior performance in packing innovation relative to competition.

Weatherchem’s recent sustainability initiatives only further its commitment to always leading its industry in new ways. With a focus on waste reduction and energy efficiency, Weatherchem has sought out ways to reduce its environmental impact. Since 2008, the company has reduced scrap by 50 percent, added hydraulic presses to improve energy usage and identified several ways to recycle materials. These initiatives, among others, make Weatherchem a pioneer in both packaging and sustainability solutions.

The culture of innovation and idea sharing is fostered under Altstadt’s imaginative leadership, and this is the foundation on which Weatherchem hopes to continue to build success in its industry.

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