2013 Innovation Awards - Rising Star - Nelson Medical Enterprises LLC Featured

6:41am EDT August 28, 2013
Dr. Dvora Nelson, president and CEO, Nelson Medical Enterprises LLC Dr. Dvora Nelson, president and CEO, Nelson Medical Enterprises LLC

Dr. Dvora Nelson,

President and CEO

Nelson Medical Enterprises LLC


Unless you are naturally gifted to perform a particular skill, it takes a lot of practice to get good at it. In the case of medical skills, that practice, while necessary, can create a significant risk to the person on whom the skill is being performed.

Dr. Dvora Nelson, president and CEO of Nelson Medical Enterprises LLC, wanted to create a product that would solve this problem by giving trainees a place to hone their skills without fear of harming a real person. The ScleroTrainer provides an opportunity for physicians, nurses and other physician extenders to have hands-on sclerotherapy training on a model. The trainer has veins that range in size from 0.2 to 0.5 mm in diameter. It mimics the feel and effect of injecting spider veins on real people.

Successful ScleroTrainer injections directly correlate with being able to precisely inject spider veins on actual patients to remove the unsightly blood vessels.

The risk to patients of a mistake made during sclerotherapy is significant. It’s a delicate skill that requires one to accurately access tiny veins and inject caustic chemicals into the vein in order to destroy the vein. If one accidentally injects the skin with the corrosive chemicals, the skin will ulcerate and develop a painful wound.

This can scare potential trainees from wanting to learn the skill out of fear that they will make a mistake and create serious problems for their patients. The ScleroTrainer removes that fear from the equation.


How to reach: Nelson Medical Enterprises LLC, (440) 617-6061 or www.sclerotrainer.com