2013 Innovation Awards - Visionary - Frontline International Featured

6:52am EDT August 28, 2013
John Palazzo, president and CEO, Frontline International John Palazzo, president and CEO, Frontline International

John Palazzo

President and CEO

Frontline International


Changing the fry oil in a restaurant is the last thing anyone wants to do. It’s hot and dirty, and you could get hurt handling it. That’s why Frontline International took up the challenge of finding a safer alternative.

While maintaining the fryer is considered the worst job in the kitchen, and may be the greatest source of the revolving door of entry-level hires in restaurants, any interaction with a fryer can also be quite dangerous. Slips and falls are the leading cause of foodservice accidents, followed by burns.

So finding a solution made sense, not only to reduce the hazard, but also to involve the emerging biofuel industry and other secondary markets that use fry oil.

Frontline, under the leadership of president and CEO John Palazzo, developed Smart Oil Management, which, in a nutshell, is plumbing for oil.

Boxed or bulk oil is plumbed to the existing fryer, which in turn is plumbed to a waste oil holding tank. The system is electronically monitored with sensors to ensure that alerts are sent regarding system status — such as how full the tank is or how often fry oil is being changed.

Convenience is added with a “faucet.” With a push of a button, fresh oil flows to the fryer. To empty the fryer, it’s a similar process: push a button, and filtered waste oil flows to the waste tank.

Frontline has won the prestigious National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovations Award for two consecutive years.


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