From the hearts of our sponsors Featured

7:00pm EDT November 25, 2008

Philanthropy is woven within the fabric that makes up the corporate culture at Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs LLP. The community in which we serve is of utmost importance, and we are able to make the community better by being philanthropic.

All attorneys are required to contribute a portion of their compensation to foundations that use the donations to contribute to charities in the community. In Cleveland, all of the attorneys contribute portions of their compensation to BDB’s donor- advised fund at the Cleveland Foundation.

Additionally, many of our attorneys and staff participate in community service. For example, members of our Cleveland office have ongoing commitments to the Littlest Heroes, a Northeast Ohio organization that provides support to children with cancer and their families, and Achievement Centers for Children, a center of support and expertise for children with special needs.

The attorneys and staff at BDB Cleveland also have an ongoing relationship with Transitional Housing, which is a battered women’s shelter in Cleveland. Over the years, the members of this office have made donations to the ladies who live in this shelter in the form of household goods, holiday gifts for their children and money. Members of BDB have decorated the shelter during the holidays and, in the past, have rehabbed some of the housing for some of the women by not only providing all the materials but the manual labor, as well.

We also allow staff and attorneys to participate in fund-raising efforts during working hours and the firm also supports those efforts financially.

Corporate philanthropy is a hallmark of CVS Caremark. One example is the CVS Pharmacy Foundation’s focus on children with disabilities through the “All Kids Can” campaign, a five-year, $25 million commitment to making life easier for children with disabilities. The program supports nonprofit organizations that provide innovative programs and services in local communities focused on helping children with disabilities learn, play and succeed in life.

In addition to the foundation, CVS sponsors individuals and stores in charitable giving. That is, an individual who volunteers can get a grant or a store can receive a larger grant amount.

Also, CVS Caremark subscribes to corporate responsibility and encourages giving in multiple ways, including allowing managers in different markets the latitude to respond to their community needs. CVS Caremark strongly supports the foundation’s work, which has national partnerships with organizations such as Easter Seals. Such partnerships multiply the dollars and maximize the effectiveness more than an individual company effort.

Furthermore, employees are encouraged to give to the United Way. We believe it’s is important for other companies to give back to the community, as well, because the problems in communities are so large that just one company or organization cannot do it alone. Developing partnerships with nonprofit, faith-based and other civic organizations allows companies to increase the availability of resources exponentially.

ArcelorMittal is committed to transforming tomorrow. We believe, as a sector leader and as a leading global company, that we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. In 2007, the ArcelorMittal USA Foundation will make grants totaling nearly $5 million, with a significant focus on Cleveland and other Ohio communities where we operate. We play our part by being sensitive to local needs and priorities, by engaging with our communities in an open and straightforward way, and by working in active partnership with local organizations. Additionally, ArcelorMittal provides community support through in-kind gifts and our employees’ time and knowledge.

Our commitment to the world around us extends beyond the bottom line, to include the people in which we invest, the communities in which we support and the world in which we operate. We believe that successful businesses and successful communities go hand in hand. Financial support is only one aspect of our philanthropy. Employees are encouraged to give of their time, knowledge and resources. ArcelorMittal philanthropy focuses on our three core business values: sustainability, quality and leadership.

We actively encourage employees to challenge themselves on a daily basis and to consistently raise the bar in their own performance and abilities on the job. Similarly, we encourage employees to build and demonstrate leadership through active community participation. We believe volunteering creates a valuable experience for both the individual employee and the nonprofits in which they partner. Engaging positively with the communities in which we operate and demonstrating our commitment is part of our DNA. As a leader in the industry, we feel we must demand no less. Similar to individual citizens, we believe corporate citizens have a responsibility to actively participate and support in the development and maintenance of vibrant, strong, sustainable communities.

Fifth Third Bank’s culture promotes philanthropy as a core value of its employees and corporate giving practices and encourages the companies we support to consistently give back to the community. This commitment to the community has endured for more than 145 years and Fifth Third is proud to have provided more than $4.3 million (in the form of foundation grants, local donations and in-kind donations) in 2007, including more than $1 million to deserving organizations in Northeast Ohio.

At Fifth Third, the belief is that building a stronger community helps build a stronger bank. In 1948, Fifth Third became one of the first financial institutions in the country to establish a Corporate Foundation. The Foundation Office reviews hundreds of funding proposals and requests for assistance from nonprofit entities and works strategically to align private and corporate contributions to affect the greatest and most positive change possible.

Equally important as corporate giving, the bank encourages individual philanthropy. Employees also spend countless hours volunteering or serving on nonprofit boards and offering expertise in their chosen field.

The Foundation Office assists Fifth Third employees by matching dollar-for-dollar regular gifts to high schools and institutions of higher learning.

Think Media Studios is honored to support the Pillar Awards for the fourth year. Brian Glazen opened the doors to Think Media only four years ago and quickly the community of Northeast Ohio opened its doors to this young, thriving company. Think Media encourages giving back to the community that has so warmly welcomed it. Brian and his employees believe that growth comes from a spark within, and so, it is their philosophy to make a positive and lasting change in the community by not only sharing their expertise and resources but also their time. Among the organizations they have worked with to impact change are the Cleveland Clinic, Progressive and ICI Paints.

It is our philosophy at Hughie’s Audio-Visual to support and give back to the organizations and companies that have helped us grow. Whether in the form of equipment donations or monetary contributions, it is our way of saying thank you to those who have put their trust in us to professionally handle their presentation needs.

We also recognize that, by supporting community projects and activities, we can enhance our community’s reputation and, in turn, help stimulate new business from which we all can benefit. Over the past few years, we have contributed to companies in the Greater Cleveland community through volunteerism and financial support. They, in turn, have been able to help people in need, and for that, we are grateful.

LaCentre Conference and Banquet Facility has quickly built a solid reputation as the premiere venue for hosting full-service conferences, special events and business meetings. Our world-class facility has embraced elegance, high-tech communications and delectable culinary creations to assure your event is an absolute success. Numerous nonprofit organizations hold their charity fund-raisers each year at our facilities, providing their guests with unparalleled ambiance.

LaCentre’s creativity extends to its technology, atmosphere, capability, flexibility, form and taste. Our dedicated and devoted staff provides clients with a positive and enriching experience with more than 25,000 square feet of meeting space to accommodate events of nearly any size.