Sponsoring green initiatives Featured

7:00pm EDT January 26, 2009


Since its inception in 1991, Hyland Software’s primaryfocus has been to develop software solutions that eliminate waste in document-heavy transactions across entire organizations, reaching into accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources,legal and more. We use our products internally to increase our own efficiency and productivity while dramatically reducing waste. For example, in 2008, we were able to avoid purchasing, printing and storing more than 64,000 documents in our human resources department alone.

We try to keep paper use, including printing and copying, to a minimum. In fact, Hyland’s 138,000-square-foot headquarters has one copy machine; this has met the needs of the company since it was founded, despite the rapid growth at Hyland, which currently employs morethan 800 employees at its headquarters.

In the beginning of 2008, a green committee was established to drive and support initiatives. Many of our other green projects were executed by the committee, including:

  • Replacing cans and bottles with a soda fountain
  • Reusable cups and mugs for our cafeteria
  • Using napkins made from 100 percent recycled material
  • Use of to-go containers that are made from corn and are biodegradable
  • On-site recycling bins for employee and guest use
  • Employees are encouraged to shut down their computers each night
  • Hyland Software also encourages employee sustainability through a variety of wellness programs. We offer an on-site nutritionist, yoga classes, healthy food options in our cafeteria, 5K challenges, “walking meetings” with incentives, gym membership reimbursement and more.

    Future green initiative discussions at Hyland have included the purchase of additional recycling bins throughout the organization, the continued use of our software internally to eradicate dependence on paper and the possibility of purchasing a hybrid as the next corporate car.

    Reach Hyland Software at (440) 788-5000 or visit www.onbase.com.


    Key was one of the first U.S. companies to be formally recognized for its green building practices.

    “Several years ago, we put in place environmentally responsible behaviors throughout the organization that produce winning results for Key, its shareholders and the planet,” says CEO Henry Meyer. “Key is committed to building green and going green, whenever possible.”

    In 2002, Key introduced online statements to reduce paper, printing costs and postage expense as well as provide convenience and environmental responsibility for clients. Each year, more than 5 million client statements are delivered electronically.

    In 2005, Key’s Tiedeman Road campus was among the first U.S. buildings to receive LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for its decreased energy consumption, recycling and public transportation programs as well as its use of low-mercury lighting and natural light.

    The bank is remodeling 71 existing branches to support the company’s sustainability commitment. The initiative includes installing insulated “low-e glass” windows at some branch locations,using moreenergy-efficient light bulbs, utilizing large video walls rather than paper merchandising and posters, and implementing new landscaping guidelines to incorporate more native plants to reduce transportation costs.

    Finally,we launched “Smart Print” best practices to make employees aware of how simple printing behavior changes canproduce real savings. Among the details:

  • Printing booklet or “double-sided” style reduces paper consumption by 75 percent and impression costs by50 percent
  • Faxing documents using Lotus Notes instead of printing
  • Receiving incoming faxes directly into Lotus Notes e-mail
  • Using “solid ink” printing, which reduces waste by 90 percent when compared to laser printing
  • Reach KeyBank at (216) 828-7635 or www.key.com/commercial.


    Herbruck Alder strives to operate in asocially responsiblemanner and protect the environment by minimizing waste and continuing to use and develop sustainable initiatives for our industry.

    We have created a proprietary Web technology and spun the technology into a new company called FormFire LLC, which has become the digital standard for transacting medical insurance business. The system is used to obtain employee applications for most of our 650 corporate clients. FormFire collects all relevant employee information as well as a complete medical history, and then it can send that data to any medical carrier. Whether mapping directly to carrier applications, sending a data stream or digitally underwriting in real time, the system ensures employees never need to complete another paper application.

    Herbruck Alder offers FormFire technology to more than 700 other brokers/consultants across the Midwest. As a company, FormFire has processed more than 1 million applications electronically since its inception in 2006.

    Additionally,we have an in-house recycling program where we recycle paper, plastics, aluminum and toner cartridges. Our company uses printing vendors that utilize sustainable practices. Wehave switched from mailing out a paper newsletter to an electronic newsletter.And approximately 20 percent ofour staff carpool, walk or take the bus to work.

    Reach Herbruck Alder at (216) 623-2600 or visit www.herbruckalder.com.


    Our philosophy on going green is to intelligently convert our carbon footprint through natural attrition. It makes little sense for us totry to retire all of our legacy equipment and head it toward a landfill or recycling until its cost to maintain or usability has been depleted. We often look for the reusable or refurbished equipment from muchlarger digitalenvironments to reduce the need for newly manufactureddevices that have little or no difference in the benefit they provide.

    We are actively recycling in the workplace for paper usage, not only are we required to shred all customer information, we sort plain office paper from the trash. All computer equipment that is retired gets e-cycled. Our migration from CRT screens in the workplace is almost complete as LCDs offer lower power usage and a smaller recycling profile.

    For our clients, our data centers allow customers to consolidate resources. Our colocation centers allow customers to use shared resources for power, UPSs and cooling. In fact, many of our customers are using colocated equipment to drive virtual computing environments and hosted VoIP systems enable a fluid telecommuter environment. The equipment required to create and sustain a modern office environment is a fraction of what it used to be.

    As green power becomes more stable and mainstream for a 24-7 environment, it can be included in our initiatives. Right now our industry is heavily dependent upon lead acid batteries. It is very easy to support our customers in their drive toward agreen work environment, the momentum needed to move away from 100-year-old telephone and computing technology is monumental, and as with most technology, we are right behind the bleeding-edge adopters and well ahead of the old-school communications companies.

    Reach Ohio.net at (888) 881-0805 or visit www.ohio.net.


    Our firm takes seriously our commitment to social responsibility and our responsibility to the communities we serve and ouremployees live in. Meaden & Moore’s green policies aim to reduce our impact on the environment and promote awareness within our firm and our communities of the importance of preserving our natural resources. Our green policies are also consistentwith our goals of firm and professional excellence. These policies include a reduction in our consumption of paper and consequently a reduction in related byproducts, an emphasis on recycling and a commitment toenergyconservation.

    During the past few years, we have adapted to an electronic work environment where a significant portionof our professional work isconducted electronically, significantly reducing our use of paper and the need to print or copy. We have also moved to a greater use ofrecycled paper and paper products.

    All of Meaden & Moore’spaper products areshredded and recycled. Every office

    has recycling bins for glass, plastic and paper products. And we have implemented the corporatewideuse of recycled or environmentally friendly products. Meaden & Moore has created atravel responsible program, where weencourage carpooling where possible to engagements. We have made a greater investment in technology infrastructure,which has encouraged Webmeetings and increased communications while reducing the need to travel. Wehave developed transit policies that encourage the use of mass transit when possible. And, as we update and redesign offices, we have moved to energy-efficient office environments, environmentally friendly materials as well as energy-efficient technology.

    Over the course of the next year, we will be morefrequently communicating the importance ofenergy conservation and sustainability practices that ourstaffmembers can implement and practice in their own daily lives. It is our belief that through awareness and education, everyone can come to realize the importance of preserving our natural environment and resources. This past year, with the significant increase in fuel prices, many people have become more aware of their personal energy use and the need to conserve. Conservation and sustainability are importantfor the preservation of our natural resources for the benefit of future generations.

    Reach Meaden & Moore at (216) 241-3272 or visit www.meadenmoore.com.


    The products we provide — food — come from the earth. By supporting and protecting the health and cleanliness of the earth, we can help to ensure safe products for the generations to come. We need to work as individuals and be accountable for our ownactions. Wemust instill these behaviors in our children. By doing this, individual effortswill be felt globally. The collaboration of our thoughts, ideas and resources is the key, but it must begin with each of us.

    A Taste of Excellence has gone green onmany levels. At our retail outlets, we use Yuban Coffee, which is not grown under rainforest canap├ęs, like most coffee beans. Therefore, there is no deforestation when growing the coffee beans. We use “harvest collection” service ware, which is a corn-based product and completely biodegradable and compostable. When possible, we use real china or laminate, glassware, and flatware to service our guests.

    A Taste of Excellence donates untouched leftovers to homeless shelters around the area — rather than throwingthem out and letting them go to waste. In doing this, less food is needed to support these organizations’ demands.

    Our future plans are to have a delivery vehicle than runs on our spent cooking oils. We are currently researching a vehicle that can run on this type of fuel.

    Reach A Taste of Excellence at (440) 845-0800 or visit www.taste-food.com.


    Hughie’sAudio-Visual has instituted a recycling program for plastics,glass and different metals used inour industry. Rather than scrapping these items, we save them and transport them for recycling. We have been successful with this program for the past 18 months and look to continue it. It will take all of us to “think green” now and in the future. Anything an individual can do to contribute will help our children and our children’s children in the future. Because we are a smallcompany, I feelit is easier for us to come together as a group to discuss ways we can incorporate sustainability and howeveryonecan get involved. It is everyone’s responsibility to commit and maintain the program in order for it to be a continued success.

    Reach Hughie’s Audio-Visual & Computer at (216) 361-4600 or visit www.hughies.com.