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7:31am EDT August 9, 2010

A strong first impression is a foundational element to succeeding in today’s competitive business world. As an executive you know that having a polished, confident look can be all the difference in making that great impression. And it all begins with a beautiful smile.

Reaching your personal goals

Partner with Dr. Thomas DiMassa and take your goals for your smile to an entirely new level. You can have an impressive smile faster than you may have thought possible and more discreetly than you may have imagined! It can all be done by utilizing the latest advancements in orthodontics available at Dr. DiMassa’s practice.

Immediately begin gaining confidence in your smile and how you present yourself without ever showing your clients the magic behind the transformation. Dr. DiMassa and his team of dental professionals will make sure of it.

Improving your smile … discreetly

Orthodontics fit more comfortably in today’s executive lifestyle than ever before. Dr. DiMassa has been providing adult orthodontic treatment for years, and as the years progress, the advancements in ho high-tech and discreet they can be progress as well.

Your choices in treatment range from clear brackets to having the brackets placed on the backs of your teeth. Based on your own personal needs, you choose what works best for you.

Are you looking for an even more subdued approach? Clear, removable aligners that straighten your teeth in the most discreet manner possible are now available as well with Invisalign.

Making the most of your busy schedule

Your time and your schedule are important. Dr. DiMassa knows this, which is why you will find your visits to be on-time and efficient. In addition, you can choose from one of two convenient practice locations –Westlake and Lakewood.

Your smile doesn’t have to be a roadblock to your success. Dr. DiMassa and his team will meet your goals with ease, all with your schedule and expectations in mind. And even more, receive this level of service with a compassionate approach.

Reach for your goals

Improve your smile discreetly. Change your smile within the confines of your busy schedule. Take the first step in making a great first impression, by letting the artful approach of Dr. DiMassa and his team help you enjoy an impressive, brilliant smile.

Visit for more information on Dr. Thomas DiMassa and his advanced orthodontic care. Or you can call him today at 440.899.6600 to schedule your first visit and complimentary examination.

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