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The state of HR Featured

7:05am EDT July 19, 2002

If you ask any business owner, decision-maker or consultant what the most pressing issue affecting companies today is, once they complain a bit about the economy, odds are they'll all answer the same thing -- finding qualified workers.

Personnel issues, along with human resources, are some of the trickiest -- but most important -- areas to tackle. After all, you can't run a business without people.

So what's the state of HR in Northeast Ohio?

Last year, SBN Magazine teamed up with the Employers Resource Council to find out. Results were published in the June 2000 issue. This year, we're at it again, and we need your help.

The 2001 State of HR survey is available in this month's issue. It's also available on our Web site at www.sbnonline.com. Fill it out and get it back to the ERC by May 18, 2001. It will crunch the numbers and we'll report the results in our August issue.

For more information, contact Dustin Klein at (216) 228-6397, ext. 326.