Internet on the go Featured

9:49am EDT July 22, 2002

You’re 20 minutes from the airport in normal traffic, but today you’re stuck in a traffic jam that makes getting home after an Indians game look like a Sunday drive.

The biggest deal of your career is at the other end of a flight you have no chance of catching.

No problem. Just book the next flight online through your phone. You don’t even have to pull out your laptop and plug it into the cigarette lighter.

“One of the challenges for businesses today is that as technology advances and businesses need more, they see gains in productivity by keeping people fairly mobile, keeping their offices flexible and virtual,” says Claire List, field operations district director for Sprint PCS. “In a business office, you’ve got to have enough wire line capability to support all this. And that’s sometimes expensive.

“What this creates is a more committed virtual environment where all you have to do is sign up for a simple wireless package — a regular old voice package that’s available today. And you can be data capable immediately.”

According to Garon Gentzel, national account sales for Northern Ohio, “Anything (you) can do connected to the wall with a cord, (you) can do via wireless now.”

The service is available in 280 major metropolitan areas encompassing 4,000 cities and 170 million people.

Sprint PCS does not provide content, only a way to access the Internet through the phone. But the company has partnered with Yahoo! to give customers a way to customize information.

“The exciting thing is, we probably haven’t even thought of half the stuff people will want to do with this,” List says.

How to reach: Sprint PCS, (877) 901-8500

Dan Jacobs is senior editor at SBN magazine.