Ups and Downs Featured

9:49am EDT July 22, 2002

Ups... to the city of Brookpark. The decision to buy four buildings that house adult-oriented businesses and convert them into more consumer-oriented operations is a shrewd move by Mayor Tom Coyne. So why can’t he cut a deal with Cleveland Mayor Mike White to resolve this ongoing airport issue?

Downs... to the city of Cleveland. The final tally for the August Ku Klux Klan visit: $332,353. I guess you really can put a price on free speech.

Ups... to the city of Cleveland. On the other hand, while it was wasting money on the Klan, the city also invested $6.5 million in Glenville Towne Center, the largest single investment by the city in a neighborhood shopping center.

Downs... to new IRS regulations allowing deductions concerning business use of the home. While the changes relax the previously restrictive rules, they have also become increasingly complex to follow.

Ups... to Great Lakes Brewing Co. owner Patrick Conway. Conway appeared in the Drew Carey Show in September wearing a company sweatshirt and hat. Talk about mass marketing opportunities!

Ups... to Antean Ltd. The organization is a unique collaboration of three Northeast Ohio health care consulting firms. Their goal is to bring a louder voice to the table of managed care. It’s one more positive step on the path toward balance in the health care system.