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9:58am EDT July 22, 2002

Using the old muffin

Several area businesses—Pizza Hut and Acme Superstores among them—are now driving sales through a new Internet site, Cosmic Coupons. The Web site lets users select and print free coupons for redemption at participating retailers. Because the distribution costs of those inserts in the Sunday paper have been eliminated, the cents-off values tend to be higher.

By redeeming coupons regularly, users earn Cosmic Cash Bonus Points, good for prizes in the site’s rewards section.

The mind behind is Akron’s Steve Marks, CEO of Main Street Gourmet. How to reach: Cosmic Coupons Inc., (330) 657-2785

Here’s one to put in your Franklin Planner

Chris Perrow, owner of Perrow Organizational Systems, likes to quote the statistic that the average professional faces 36 hours worth of work—every day. And loses 45 minutes each day searching for stuff lost in piles. The solution: Create a system for expediting all those tasks. In fact, it’s a priority we’ve had on the calendar for months. How to reach: Perrow Organizational Systems, (330) 686-0282

Good spin

How do you achieve a consistent level of excellence in management? “You need to focus on the internal aspects of your operations just as you do on client or customer service,” says Dan Stanowick, senior VP at the Akron office of Edward Howard & Co., which Inside PR magazine recently named the nation’s best-managed mid-sized PR firm.

In its ranking of 150 agencies, the magazine spotlighted the firm—with offices in Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton as well—for its processes in strategic planning, investor relations, staff training and development and overall management.

It’s that doohicky thing with the little lines

Now that Europe’s new currency is a reality, businesses seeking global domination have yet another problem, the euro symbol. Where is it in those pesky PC fonts, anyway? The answer is as simple as it is frightening: it’s not.

Solutions are becoming available; for example, for $39.95, CenturionSoft’s new Eurofonter utility adds the euro symbol to all TrueType fonts. For more information, or to see what the symbol looks like, check out the company’s Web site at