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10:00am EDT July 22, 2002

David Abbott, the new president of University Circle Inc., will field questions at the Jan. 12 Corporate Club Breakfast, at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven.

Before joining UCI, Abbott was executive director of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. He also served on Mayor Michael White's task force to appoint an independent school board and, prior to that, was executive director of the Cleveland Bicentennial Commission, which oversaw planning and funding for the city's year-long birthday celebration in 1996.

Abbott will appear at the breakfast series in place of David Burner, chairman and CEO of BFGoodrich Co., which recently announced it would move its headquarters out of Northeast Ohio.

SBN is a sponsor of the Corporate Club breakfast series, conducted in an interview format, followed by an extended question and answer period. The events are held Tuesday mornings, with breakfast at 7 a.m. and the speaker beginning at 7:30. Cost is $25 a person.

Other dates and speakers:

  • Feb. 9, 1999: Michael Salkind, president, Ohio Aerospace Institute
  • March 9, 1999: Robert Rawson, partner-in-charge, Jones, Day Reavis & Pogue.

For more information and reservations, call Executive Caterers at Landerhaven, at (440) 449-0700.

Ups and Downs

Downs to Beanie Babies. Late last year, investors in Ty Inc.’s plush securities got a rude surprise: softening of the secondary market for their stuffed animals. Or was that just wishful thinking on our part?

Ups to Roberto Alomar, the Tribe’s new second baseman and the first superstar we can recall who actually hoped to move to Cleveland.

Ups to pro wrestlers. First Jesse Ventura becomes Minnesota governor. Then Hulk Hogan retires from the ring to run for president. Now Washington’s usual suspects can put on leotards and wrestle it out on pay-per-view.

Ups to NASA. Shooting Sen. John Glenn into space was one of the agency’s best moves since, well, since it shot Glenn into space. But the International Space Station ... That’s cool.

Downs to megamergers and corporate emigration. BP, then Rubbermaid, now Goodrich. Why does it suddenly feel like the ’80s again?

Downs to Juvenile Court Judge Robert Ferreri, the most controversial judge on the bench today. Now he’s in trouble for comments he claims to have made to a reporter “off the record.” Just because you’re a judge doesn’t mean you’re judicious.

Downs for downtown bars. Ask them about the NBA, they’ll say it stands for No Body Anywhere.


‘Whereas young engineers used to seek a spot in a big organization, often in the military-industrial complex, we’re increasingly seeing them getting out of college and moving toward entrepreneurship.’
—Jim Wagner, new dean of Case Western Reserve University’s School of Engineering, speaking recently to the Northeast Ohio Software Association