Modern office by the numbers Featured

10:04am EDT July 22, 2002
No one ever said running a business was as easy as 1-2-3. And while technology is designed to make our lives easier, we don't always use it to its fullest potential. Do you know how to copy on both sides of the paper? How about attaching files to e-mail? And are your databases really doing what you need them to do, or have you limited the boundaries of your business to the capabilities of your software? Do your computer hardware and software work together, or is it a constant struggle to keep the system from crashing?

SBN has published countless stories about the business owners who've learned the hard way-purchasing the wrong equipment, misusing or under-using it or believing technology is the panacea that will save their business.

The fact is, just because you buy systems that are supposed to make your office better, faster and even happier doesn't mean you're getting those benefits. That takes work, knowledge and a well-developed sense of priorities. To help you set them, SBN has explored the most common areas in which the basic office systems are underused.

In this month's special guide, they are presented by the numbers to make your next productivity push as easy as, yes, 1-2-3.