Mobile medicine Featured

1:14pm EDT June 22, 2004
Randy Skiles sees medical technology moving at a rapid pace, and he's done something about it -- he's making the technology itself mobile.

Skiles' company, Shared P.E.T. Imaging, is a medical imaging service that sits on wheels and goes wherever it is needed. SPI, founded in September 1999, was Skiles' response to the changing world of medicine and the technology needed to support the changes.

PET (positron emission tomography) imaging is used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, says Skiles. Because functional abnormalities occur in the body before structural damage can be seen, PET imaging is useful in early detection.

The mobile nature of SPI makes PET technology accessible to hospitals that may not be able to afford their own equipment. The vehicle that the imaging equipment travels in always carries two clinicians as well, to ensure quality patient care and a safe and efficient workplace. SPI prides itself on providing service to children's hospitals, since they are often underserved by high-tech providers.

Skiles' passion for the medical industry and his understanding of technology keep him and SPI current with the latest medical research. Knowledge of developing pharmaceutical advances also drives the business. The company is involved in the continuing education of physicians, as well as informing patients and the surrounding communities about the uses of nuclear medicine and its benefits.

The future of SPI includes growth and expansion, with the possibility of adding fixed sites and adding to the fleet of mobile units.

How to reach: Shared P.E.T. Imaging, (330) 491-0480,