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9:55am EDT July 22, 2002

Entrepreneurship, at its very core, is about success. It’s about people who take a risk on an idea for a product or service, then see it through to completion, no matter how long it takes or how much effort it requires.

The winners of the 12th annual Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year awards will be announced at a June 22 banquet in Cleveland. They will represent some of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio.

Last year, they included Arthur Holmes, chairman and CEO of Chart Industries Inc.; John Haag, chairman and CEO of SGS Tool; Dale Lauren Foland, founder of Lauren International Inc.; Louis Perry, president of Louis Perry & Associates; Barry Phillips, CEO of Gradall Industries; and Karen and Kenneth Conley and Annette and Nicholas Canitano, founders of Conley Canitano & Associates Inc.

To say that these entrepreneurs have been busy in the past year would be an understatement. For them, there is resting on past success.

Since their recognition in July 1998, several have seen major changes in their businesses. Three of last year’s winners — Joseph Dreher, CEO of Dreher Business Products, Raymond Zukowski, chairman and CEO of Euclid Industries Inc. and Michael and Dan Krause, co-founders of Exchange Network Services — have sold their companies. Inc. magazine recently named the business of another winner, Carol Latham, president and CEO of Thermagon Inc., one of the 100 fastest growing inner city businesses.

So who will be in the 1999 Entrepreneur of The Year class? Find out next month in SBN.