Simpler is better Featured

9:55am EDT July 22, 2002

The key to making your business run better is making it less complicated, according to Linda Talley, author of “Business Finesse: Dealing with Sticky Situations in the Workplace for Managers.” Talley suggests eliminating five things from your life:

1. Beliefs that are no longer true. “The economy is bad, we won’t make our sales projections.” Check your belief systems and eliminate those that no longer serve you.

2. Inaccurate information. “Generation Y is the best target market because they have so much disposable income.” See through the scams perpetrated by organizations trying to sell you a bill of goods and look for the truth.

3. Expectations. “I expect to gain three new clients each month.” Stop expecting and take action to make it happen.

4. Shouldas, couldas, oughtas. “Our office space really should have this sophisticated look.” Choose what’s best, easiest and most comfortable for you and do that. Shouldas, couldas and oughtas may be someone else’s truth, but they’re not yours.

5. Needs. “My customers just don’t appreciate what I do for them.” If you’re needy, your customers are going to be needy, too, and want you to take care of their needs. Get your needs met so you can attract a higher level of customer that has wants that they’re buying for rather than needs. Besides the basic needs of food, shelter, water, clothing and security, needs are not external to us. They are usually emotional.