About Yesterday Corp. Featured

10:00am EDT July 22, 2002

Yesterday Corp. does not exist. It is a composite of various companies, assembled by SBN for the purpose of creating a case study that would provide the greatest benefit to the widest range of our readers.

All quotes and decisions attributed to personnel of Yesterday Corp. and Grande Appliance Manufacturing have been constructed based on conversations with a variety of business owners and executives.

All other information in this section-whether quoted directly or indirectly, is derived from actual interviews with sources and meets SBN's high standards for accuracy and credibility. Aside from Yesterday Corp. personnel, all names, companies and products cited in these articles, are real.

Yesterday Corp profile

Nature of business: Manufacturer of plastic and rubber tubing

Customer base: Manufacturers, and distributors of raw materials to manufacturers, in the automotive, appliance and consumer products segments

Annual revenues: $40 million

Annual earnings: $6 million

Employees: 140

Year founded: 1949

Corporate offices: Downtown Cleveland

Manufacturing facilities: Twinsburg (plastic tubing); Canton (rubber tubing)

Distribution: Its own U.S. distribution system, with reliance on an outside distribution agreement with another manufacturer in Canada and a relatively new relationship with a German distributor for its fledgling European market.

Sales force: Internal sales team for direct sale to manufacturers, and independent sales reps who sell to distributors and non-U.S. customers.