Lisa Elliott

Friday, 28 March 2003 06:26

Training resources

As the economic outlook at local and regional companies begins to improve, employers are seeking ways to upgrade the skills of their work force and retain their workers, while at the same time working to become lean in their operations.

Lorain County Community College works closely with employers to identify and address training needs. Whether it's an apprentice training in manufacturing or information technology for emerging industries, LCCC plays a major role in work force education and economic development.

"Lorain County Community College has given our employees skills that they can apply in our company today," says Maureen Cromling, CEO of Ross Environmental Services.

The Corporate One-Stop Resource Partnership, Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise, SkillsMAX Center and Workplace Relations Institute were implemented to address the needs of employers. Each area stimulates work force and economic development, promotes community collaboration and growth and raises the community's technological competencies.

Corporate One-Stop Resource Partnership (CORP)

Employers make LCCC services an integral part of the organization with CORP.

An employer purchases an annual CORP contract, which establishes a single point of contact for all of LCCC's program and facilities. The employer is assigned an account executive who manages all the needs and services provided through the contract.

If an employer expands the total amount of the contract within one calendar year, an additional 10 percent is added to the account for the employer's use. CORP contracts range from $5,000 to $50,000 and cover everything from tuition assistance to customized on-site training, facility rental and fitness center admittance.

Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE)

Created in partnership with the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce and the Lorain County commissioners, GLIDE is an incubator for new and growing companies in Lorain County and the region.

Employers and potential new companies receive advice, technical assistance and space on campus as their initial office and development location. To date, GLIDE has assisted 150 companies, seven of which are currently residing on campus as they develop.

EnterpriseOhio's SkillsMAX Center

A combination of assessment, training and certification tools is provided to assist an employer to match the right people to jobs. The center offers a bundle of tools for skills assessment, job match and job placement.

LCCC partners with Enterprise Ohio Network to provide access to SkillsMAX assessments for clients. Employers use the center to assist in decision regarding hiring, job advancement and job retention.

"We got involved in SkillsMAX to improve the reliability and validity of our selection procedures," says D.D. Lambillotte, director, human resources, for the A.J. Rose Manufacturing Co. "It was a very good fit."

Training partners include Prometric, SHL, Chauncey Group International/ETS, Brainbench and iLearning. SkillsMAX is funded by the Ohio Board of Regents and developed by the Enterprise Ohio Network.

Workplace Relations Institute (WRI)

WRI provides services to employers throughout the state in areas to improve the workplace. Areas of expertise include training in safety assessment and practices, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and labor/management communication.

Private and public sectors make use of the services delivered through WRI. Workplace Institute is funded by a grant from Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Labor Management Cooperation Program. How to reach: Lorain County Community College, (800) 995-LCCC