Internet showcase Featured

9:40am EDT July 22, 2002

MC2 Interactive

MC2 is a full-service interactive agency delivering the highest quality interactive business solutions to Fortune 1000 and dot-com clients. Our time-tested “E” process has helped hundreds of clients achieve an impressive return-on-investment from their Internet, intranet/extranet and e-commerce Web sites.

Microman, Inc.

Microman is Central Ohio’s premier network integrator and DSL service provider to businesses. Microman offers high bandwidth to the Internet, as well as all of the hardware and applications to enable e-commerce, including eEnterprise accounting software from Great Plains. Microman is a Microsoft Solution Provider and a Novell Platinum Dealer.

Mod Dog Internet Services Inc.

Mod Dog Internet Services will help you develop and implement a complete Internet strategy. We design, host and market Web sites for companies doing e-commerce or just providing information online. Our experienced team of Internet professionals will help your company achieve its goals.

United Parcel Service Inc.

United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS), the world’s largest package distribution company, transports more than 3 billion parcels and documents annually. UPS has made a worldwide commitment to serving the needs of the global marketplace. Visitors to can access e-commerce solutions and several interactive functions, including shipping, tracking, rate determination and the scheduling of pick-ups.

WorkNET Communications

WorkNET Communications is the next generation in Internet/intranet digital connectivity. WorkNet, Fixed Wireless High-Speed Internet access and Cisco Firewall are secure, reliable and installed in days. The fully scalable structure allows your business to increase bandwidth as your company grows. Web hosting, Internet accessibility, long distance and reliable service that circumvents the local telecom make WorkNET a great solution.

Zacks Law Group LLC

The Web site is about law for the so-called “Knowledge Age.” It describes our principal’s experience and our technology practice, in B2B, B2C, 24X7 services, e-commerce, e-business, investments and proven strategies for start-ups and maturing businesses. You can receive valuable complimentary information and resources.