Time’s a wastin’ Featured

9:48am EDT July 22, 2002

As 1999 draws to a close, you should start thinking about what your business goals will be for 2000, says William von Achen of Strategic Management Resources.

If you haven’t had the discipline in the past to prepare a formal strategy for your business, spend the time now to review your successes and setbacks of the past year. Then determine what tasks you need to accomplish during the next 12 months to achieve your long-range business goals.

  • Keep your list of business objectives short.

  • Be very specific when stating each objective.

  • Make sure your objectives are measurable. Say, “Grow our core account business by 10 percent above last year’s figures,” not, “Increase core account sales.”

Finally, once you’ve prepared your list, keep it handy where it will serve as a continual reminder of what’s really important.