High-tech merger Featured

9:11am EDT September 30, 2002
The Columbus Technology Leadership Council (CTLC) supports entrepreneurship and the infusion of technology advances across the community.

The mission of the Industry & Technology Council of Central Ohio (ITC) is to encourage and foster formation of technology-based companies to strengthen the area's economy.

Sound redundant or, at the very least, confusing? CTLC and ITC thought so, too, so they decided to merge.

"We wanted to eliminate the alphabet soup confusion in the city," says Walter Doyle, president of Forest Capital and chairman of ITC.

Prior to the merger, the primary difference between the groups was the size of the companies represented by their members.

"ITC's 300 members come from the biggest group of companies in the area," says Doyle.

Now, he says, both organizations' members will benefit from an increase in their networking abilities.

"Just the pure interaction helps people learn how to deal with the day-to-day problems they encounter," says Doyle.

No services currently offered by the organizations will be lost after the merger. And the governing boards of both will continue to govern the new organization during the transition.

"Initially there will be 47 people on the governing board, but we will collapse that number to 30," says Doyle.

He says 20 board members were already functioning on both boards. Bob Massie, director and CEO of Chemical Abstracts Service, will serve as chairman of the new board, with Doyle as co-chair.

The new organization's membership is open to any company that uses technology of any kind in its business operations.

"Our members come from many industries," he says, "scientific, information technology, manufacturing and even utilities and some banks."

The group will also continue to award its annual Top Cat awards (Top Contributors to the Advancement of Technology), as well as sponsor monthly luncheons and seminars.

The new organization's name has not yet been announced. How to reach: ITC, Frank Henson, (614) 225-6907; CTLC, Todd Ritterbusch, (614) 675-3709