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7:00pm EDT December 26, 2009
Rea & Associates Nonprofit Executive Director of the Year Award

When John Hrusovsky took over as CEO of the nonprofit organization GroundWork group, he didn’t leave his fast-paced management style from the for-profit sector behind. And it’s paid off.

GroundWork group, which connects nonprofit organizations with local companies that can offer expertise and funding in the way of information management and technology, has grown from infancy in 2003 to financial stability in a down economy today. Much of that has to do with Hrusovsky’s focus on balancing earned revenue with expenses and his ability to manage a highly efficient staff that focuses on its customers.

The three pillars of the GroundWork group are to provide nonprofit organizations with technology, education and information management. But like any business, GroundWork group realizes the importance of meeting customers’ needs. Empowered by Hrusovsky to develop new initiatives, GroundWork group employees designed a survey that assesses each nonprofit organization’s technology usage and effectiveness, identifies weaknesses and strengths, and then recommends actions for improvement. Continual communication with nonprofit customers has lead GroundWork group to offer new technology, education and information management services.

GroundWork group’s ability to add value to customers has been recognized by its growing number of members, which is now at more than 150.

Hrusovsky’s strong vision and leadership has led GroundWork group to stay competitive in the technology field, and that hasn’t only been seen through its increasing number of members but also in its ability to grow revenue in a down economy. At a time when charitable donations have been dwindling for many nonprofit organizations, GroundWork group continues to see success. Its revenue climbed 322 percent in fiscal 2007, 181 percent in fiscal 2008 and 54 percent in fiscal 2009.

Hrusovsky’s negotiating skills have helped him form allies in the business, government and funding communities, which has lead to an increase in dollars for development of technology and consultation for the nonprofit sector. Among the companies Hrusovsky has secured funding from are: The Columbus Foundation, Nationwide Foundation, Microsoft and Cisco.

Now that Hrusovsky has seen success with his business model, he plans to grow GroundWork group beyond Central Ohio, expanding to help nonprofit organizations in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

How to reach: GroundWork group, (614) 884-7780 or