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7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010
Charles Penzone Nonprofit Board Executive of the Year Award

Maryann Ingram Kelley learned at an early age about the importance of generosity to others through volunteering and good works. As the granddaughter of White Castle founder Edgar Ingram, Kelley saw the impact of her family company’s contribution to its local communities, and the experience helped foster her lifelong passion for helping others.

Through a combination of volunteer service, leadership and fundraising, Kelley focuses this passion into furthering the mission of LifeCare Alliance, a nonprofit organization that provides health and nutrition services for individuals under 60 years of age who are living with chronic illness in Central Ohio.

After joining the LifeCare Alliance board of directors, Kelley rose quickly as a leader within the organization, serving on numerous board committees and moving into positions such as vice chair, chair and immediate past chair. When The Columbus Cancer Clinic merged into LifeCare Alliance in 2005, Kelley helped ensure a successful transition as the only member on both organizations’ board of directors.

Kelley understands the importance of providing these basic need services for Ohio seniors. In her 15 years at the agency, she has helped improve quality of life for many individuals in her community, particularly those assisted by the LifeCare Alliance’s Meals-On-Wheels program.

LifeCare Alliance took notice of Kelley’s success as an ambassador and leader for the agency, and in 2006, she was asked to chair the agency’s “Time to Deliver” campaign. When it could no longer keep up with increased demand for its Meals-On-Wheels service and its growing client base, the organization created the campaign to raise funds for necessary expansion. Kelley accepted the challenge without hesitation.

Despite leading the campaign in difficult economic conditions, she helped the agency surpass its $5 million goal by helping raise $8.1 million. This money allowed LifeCare Alliance to purchase a new warehouse to store the meals, ingredients and tools needed to run Meals-On-Wheels effectively.

To thank employees for their personal contributions and gifts to the agency’s capital campaign, Kelley and her children cooked their famous White Castle sliders for LifeCare Alliance staff.

In addition to her personal contributions, Kelley and her family’s charity organization, the White Castle Foundation, lends its ongoing support, knowledge and resources to help LifeCare Alliance succeed. Kelley’s tireless dedication to further the goals of LifeCare Alliance has improved the quality of life for thousands of Central Ohioans who are dependent upon its services.

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