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7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010
Rea & Associates Nonprofit Executive Director of the Year Award

Beverly Circone understands that offering care and support for families affected by childhood cancer is about recognizing the importance of family in all aspects of the illness. As the founder and executive director of the nonprofit organization, Kids ‘n Kamp, she’s developed a social, emotional and educational haven for patients and families outside of the hospital.

Since founding Kids ‘n Kamp in 1982, Circone has built the organization into a comprehensive lifeline that provides numerous family-based activities and events as well as counseling, tutoring and support services. She has her hand in every part of the organization, from fundraising to event and program planning. Through her loyal dedication to its vision, what began as a one-day camp has grown into an organization that provides help and support to more than 400 families throughout Ohio.

Circone’s vision focuses on giving families hope in a very difficult time by creating valuable experiences that give families opportunities to spend time together in an environment of caring and love. Kids ‘n Kamp is the only organization in Central Ohio that provides services and programs for the families as well as the children touched by childhood cancer.

Some popular events put on by the organization include a family picnic at the zoo, family camp weekend, pumpkin hunt and hayride, holiday party, moms’ retreat, and dads’ night out. Other services include an Emergency Financial Resource Program, which gives financial help for expenses such as utility bills or transportation, and a Heart-to-Heart program, which is a partnership with Nationwide Children’s hospital to aid families with new diagnoses or that are just entering the hospital.

Circone feels strongly that Kids ‘n Camp not be affiliated with any other nonprofit organization and has made sure it remains classified as a public charity. By operating this way, she says there can then be no restrictions on the help it can offer families and children.

Kid’s ‘n Kamp is committed to supporting the needs of patients as well as their families, so Circone ensures the organization’s care continues beyond a child’s survivorship through the H.U.G.S. (Helping to Understand the need for Giggles and Support) program. By providing this type of continued support, Circone shows that there is no limit to the care she and Kids ‘n Kamp staff provide to those they help.

How to reach: Kids ‘n Kamp, (614) 262-2220 or