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12:05pm EDT March 11, 2004
Answers reflect the combined wisdom of Reid, Alan and Rodney Wasserstrom.

What is the greatest business lesson you have learned?

It's all about people. Business organizations will only be successful if the entire team is motivated and committed to serving the customer.

What has been the greatest business challenge you have faced, and how have you overcome it?

Being able to change our business practices, both internally and externally, as industry as associate needs change. We embrace and celebrate change. We make change a positive organizational experience.

Whom do you admire most in business, and why?

Our fathers and uncles who preceded us. They mentored and trained us. They managed the business through some of the most difficult economic times in this country and, with hard work and commitment, survived. Their example of hard work and caring for people is the keystone of our corporate culture today.

Stacking up

The Wasserstrom Co. is considered a giant in the industry. Here's why:

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine's 2003 Distribution Giants

Co. Name Headquarters 2002 Sales No. of employees

1. Edward Don & Co. N. Riverside, Ill. $395 million 980

2. The Wasserstrom Co. Columbus $277 million 1,150

3. Franke Contract Group LaVergne, Tenn. $225 million 480

4. QualServ Corp. Kansas City, Mo. $210 million 1,000

5. Strategic Equipment

& Supply Co. Dallas $200 million 460

6. TriMark USA Inc. S. Attleboro, Mass. $200 million 400

7. PrimeSource FoodService

Equipment Dallas $139.9 million 145

8. Hubert Co. Harrison, Ohio $ 98 million 300

9. The Boelter Cos. Milwaukee $ 89.0 million 210

10. Concept Services Inc. Austin $ 73.8 million 55