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9:38am EDT July 22, 2002
It's not about trust

To those of you who, like Fred Koury, are indignant that the State of Ohio's slogan -- "With God All Things Are Possible" -- has been ruled unconstitutional ["Who do you trust?" SBN, June 2000], consider things from someone else's perspective.

Let's say that in the future, a majority of the legislature becomes Muslim and changes the slogan to, "With Allah All Things Are Possible." How would that be as a slogan for Ohio? I'll bet you would say, "No, it wouldn't fit."

Why not? Because it doesn't coincide with YOUR religion. Even though the word "Allah" is simply a different way of saying "God," it doesn't fit the beliefs YOU are comfortable with.

Well, I'm not religious, and I don't think the government should be taking sides on issues of religion or religiosity. Whenever I see the Ohio slogan, it might as well refer to Allah, because the effect is the same: A bunch of people (a majority, in this case) trying to push their own religion on everyone else using the power of the state.

The court's decision was a proper one.

Bob Ellis



< We can't ignore God

I just read the article in your June issue, "In God We Trust." I am elated that a businessman steps up to the plate and stands for what made this country so great. I say that because I am a Christian and believe in the Lord and all that He created.

I feel very strongly that if we do not stand up for what we believe in, we will lose it. Case in point is our state motto, "With God All Things Are Possible." How can we sit back and let the ACLU and a few people change this? I just spent an evening at the statehouse with our pastor protesting this decision to change our state motto.

It was covered by the media, but not given the attention by the citizens of this state as it should have been. If only one individual can remove prayer from school, just think what we can do to keep our God in our country if we work together on this decision. The reason that our country is so prosperous is that our Founding Fathers looked to God and created our country with Him at their heart and soul.

Today we see problems (murder) and other related issues in school. This, I believe, is a direct result of removing prayer from schools. If we continue to remove God from all sources of our society, we will lose the blessings of God in this country.

When will America wake up and realize this? Hopefully, before it is too late.

David A. Fry


Another supporter

Thank you for your well-written article, "Who do you trust?" It is refreshing to see and hear professionals speak out and not be afraid to express our belief in God. Again, thank you for sharing these views with your readers.

Donald D. Avdul


Midwest Total Systems


Yes, it is

What a powerful article, the type of which one rarely sees in a business publication, and especially in these politically correct times. I am referring to [Fred Koury's] "Who do you trust?" commentary [SBN, June 2000]. It's heartening to see business practices based on classic moral principles. Good work.

Charles A. Byrne

The Byrne Group

Cleveland Heights