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9:42am EDT July 22, 2002
A true valueNationwide does deserve kudos for extending benefits to its employees’ extended families, including domestic partners [“It’s reality, folks,” SBN, March 2000], as do the almost 3,000 other businesses and organizations in the United States that have already done so.

It is good to see businesses in our area starting to recognize the value of treating and compensating all employees fairly and equally no matter what kind of family they have.

You mentioned in your editorial that enrollment in these benefits tends to be low (generally less than 1 percent of the group), but I also wanted to mention that the cost of partner benefits is no more, and often less than, the cost of traditional benefits.

However, the perceived value of and the positive climate created for all employees by extending benefits are invaluable.

Zach Waymer


Student Health Insurance Program

The Ohio State University