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Learning curve Featured

9:43am EDT July 22, 2002
COSI may be teaching its visitors, but even businesses involved in the new building’s construction learned a thing or two.

Take, for example, Reitter Stucco & Supply Co. Inc., contracted to help construct the Learning World Progress exhibit in the new museum. In the exhibit, which spans approximately 10,000 square feet, visitors stroll down a replica of an 1898 city street complete with 14 building facades. Passing through a “time tunnel,” they then view the same street with the same buildings updated to the styles and trends of 1962.

“When we were first approached in late 1998, we were hesitant about contracting to do work for an exhibit involving make-believe buildings,” says Fritz Reitter, Reitter Stucco & Supply president. “But we realized that, make-believe or not, the demands of this project scanned the entire scope of our capabilities and product knowledge.”

By pushing the envelope, Reitter employees tried techniques and product mixes they’d never used before.

Who says a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?