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8:00pm EDT July 21, 2002

Odds are, they'll get to it Tuesday

Forget motivation, planning and efficiency. The key to productivity might simply be the day of the week-and not the one you might expect.

Executives from the nation's largest companies list Tuesday as the day employees are generally most productive, according to a recent survey for Accountemps. Garnering 51 percent of the votes from the 150 survey respondents, Tuesday landed 34 percentage points ahead of any other working day.

"Monday may seem like the busiest day of the week for employees swinging back into the routine after a weekend off, but Tuesday appears to be when everyone puts their 'nose to the grindstone' and accomplishes more work," says Brad Beach, Accountemps area manager at the Worthington office.

The second most productive day is Monday, but executives gave it only 17 percent of the vote in the survey conducted by an independent research firm.

Ironically, executives also list Monday as the second least productive day, though Friday still tops that category.

Slacking on Fridays actually appears to be worsening. In 1987, 59 percent of executives listed it as the least productive day. This year, that figure had risen to 71 percent.

Maybe it's time to rearrange that weekly planner.


"The bottom line will take care of itself if you're taking care of your customers."

-Joseph J. Gasper, president and COO of Nationwide Financial Services, during the Nationwide Insurance Enterprise annual meetings this spring