Power 100 Featured

7:00pm EDT January 24, 2005
There are new faces among Columbus’ most powerful business and community leaders. Some of these — such as White Castle CEO Bill Ingram — have played a quieter role in the past and are now stepping up to take charge. And many of the so-called old guard, such as former AEP CEO E. Linn Draper, are stepping out of the limelight.

Politically, Mayor Michael Coleman’s focus on revitalizing downtown and his ability to tackle the most challenging issues of the city head on have brought him increased respect. On the flip side, Gov. Bob Taft continues to lose political capital with the state’s business community.

Financially, venture capital remains hard to come by. As a result, the four largest banks in town continue to be the biggest financing players, while there are a few investment companies, such as Stonehenge Partners — founded by former Bank One executives — that are making noise.

Here, then, is the 2005 Smart Business Power 100 list. Last year’s rankings are in parentheses.