The Deshe and Diamond File Featured

8:00pm EDT May 26, 2010

Ari Deshe

Born: Tel Aviv, Israel

Education: Undergraduate degree in business and insurance; master’s degree in finance and banking, University of Alabama

Jon Diamond

Born: Cleveland

Education: Attended The Ohio State University

Safe summer driving tips from SafeAuto:

Make sure insurance coverage is up to date. Don’t leave on a trip without your insurance premium paid in full and make arrangements to pay during your trip if a scheduled payment will be due.

Conduct necessary repairs and maintenance. Car problems that seem minor during quick drives around town may become a major issue during a long trip.

Check the accident responsibility laws of states across the journey. It’s a good idea to be prepared for the consequences of what happens after an accident in each state, even if you’re unlikely to have one.

Be prepared for a breakdown. Even the most reliable vehicle may develop engine trouble, get a flat tire or lose the charge in its battery. Make sure to have water and snacks, activities to occupy any child travelers, and an emergency plan, including access to a charged mobile phone, roadside markers and roadside assistance. If your insurer doesn’t automatically provide roadside assistance as a benefit, check whether you can add it on top of your policy or consider the purchase.