Lifeline of compassion Featured

7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010
Charles Penzone Nonprofit Board Executive of the Year Award

Bradley Smith’s commitment to being a leader doesn’t end with his leadership in the business community. Though Smith may have a lot on his plate as the vice president of two Central Ohio companies — Sports Ohio Inc. and Cross Creek Homes LLC — he continues to dedicate his time and resources to the families and children of Central Ohio by serving as an inspirational messenger and communicating the mission of Kids ‘n Kamp.

For seven years, Smith has served on the executive board of Kids ‘n Kamp, using his financial background to gain local support for children and families affected by childhood cancer. Kids ‘n Kamp is a nonprofit organization that relies entirely on the support of the general public and local businesses to provide free financial services, events, programs and care to help these families.

In difficult financial times, many nonprofit organizations have struggled to secure the financial support needed to stay as effective and maintain the same level of help for those who need it. However, Smith makes it his personal mission to build and spread the message of Kids ‘n Kamp to businesses, community leaders and corporate executives.

By appealing to local leaders for support, Smith has played a key role in securing the funding needed for Kids ‘n Kamp to offer its programs to the families that need them. For example, because many families dealing with childhood cancer take on overwhelming expenses as a result, Kids ‘n Kamp offers scholarships for school and camp to children and their siblings. The organization also puts on many activities and events for families to spend time together outside of the hospital.

Smith has personally raised more than $100,000 in funding for Kids ‘n Kamp, and this significant contribution has played a large role in furthering the organization’s initiatives. Though he is heavily involved with the financial side of the organization, he makes it a point to stay hands-on in helping and working with Kids ‘n Kamp families and children. Smith actively participates in all aspects of the organization’s operation.

Throughout its financial hardships in recent years, Smith has displayed strong and steady commitment, leading the organization through personal example as well as serving as a motivator to the board. Smith’s dedication to Kids ‘n Kamp families and the organization’s goals is an inspiration for what the future holds and for where Kids ‘n Kamp is headed.

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