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6:29am EDT September 22, 2006
Born: Lima

Ohio Northern University, bachelor of science degree, business administration

First job:
I was a caddie at a golf course.

Most important business lesson learned:
You need to treat people in the manner you want to be treated in all aspects. That’s pretty simplistic, but some people don’t recognize that.

It’s basically restated the old Golden Rule, but it’s pretty fundamental in developing positive and meaningful business relationships with employees and independent agents. They know that that is the approach that I follow and hopefully approach each decision, each problem, each opportunity with that in mind.

What was your greatest challenge, and how did you overcome it?
The challenge is to continually stay focused on that continuous improvement and not being complacent and recognizing that there’s always something to learn.

From Day One I’ve been involved in insurance education. Besides the degree I have, I also hold the Charter Life Underwriter designation and the charter Property and Casualty Underwriter designation. You’re measured relative to industry-wide standards for knowledge of products, ethics and a broad knowledge within each one of those fields.

It’s ongoing, really — finding ways to get better every day, continuous improvement, striving that you never get to the point that you become complacent.

How do you define success?
I define success as first having a great relationship with your family, and secondly, having whatever position you are, that you enjoy getting up and doing it every day.