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Good tidings Featured

9:34am EDT July 22, 2002

MC2 knows how to net new projects during the slow holiday season: Give clients a good laugh. The downtown firm's 1999 holiday "card" was an exercise plan to ward off unwanted calories.

"Last year we tried to come up with something fun and lighthearted and poking a little fun at ourselves and how much people eat around the holidays," says Brock Poling, the interactive marketing agency's president.

The company's CD-ROM holiday greeting, "Season's Eatings," allowed 500-plus clients, community VIPs and prospects to burn "FOUR whole calories" by clicking on treats such as cheese, cake and cookies as they flew across the computer screen.

"Now simply repeat this process 875 times for every pound you've gained," reads the greeting, "and the weight will be gone."

"Our intention is certainly to say, 'Thank you,' to people who've helped us through the year, and obviously to reinforce that we do a good job of multimedia and interactive work," Poling says, noting the greetings, produced in house for less than $500, generated eight or 10 new projects for the company.

This was the second interactive holiday message by MC2; its 1998 CD-ROM allowing recipients to "download" peace, love and joy won the company an ADDY.

Look for a repeat performance for 2000; MC2's creative types begin work on the greeting this month.