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7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010

Mohan Viddam, founder and president of Halcyon Solutions Inc., started his company with the following mission statement: “All we seek is happiness for our customers and employees.” This philosophy stems from the company’s idea that doing business extends beyond technology to community service and social responsibility and to improving the quality of life for one’s communities, clients and employees.

Members of the Halcyon management team and staff actively engage and work side by side with members of their communities. Halcyon encourages its employees to fulfill their potential and pursue excellence in their own lives by giving back in their own communities and through self-evaluation and goal setting. In addition to ongoing technical training, Halcyon offers employees classes that teach life concepts such as meditation and positive thinking.

Aside from providing this support to its own employees, Halcyon also promotes programs that equip U.S. citizens with valuable IT skills, better preparing them for jobs. The company partners with Ohio’s IT Alliance Inc. to design work force training programs for unemployed and underemployed U.S. citizens, veterans and underprivileged youth. By facilitating these programs, the company helps many Americans gain the skills they need to secure job placement and become financially stable.

Halcyon utilizes its Ohio operation to partner with numerous organizations that benefit Ohio residents and local communities, including the Share and Care Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps underprivileged communities in India, and Dublin Food Pantry, where the company works as a corporate volunteer to serve meals to the pantry’s clients.

Halcyon donates part of its revenue to social causes selected by its clients and also makes it a point to encourage its employees to reach out to causes they identify with. Since 2001, Viddam and his family have volunteered their time at Columbus homeless shelters. Halcyon CEO Sanjay Dudaney volunteers at local food pantries and as a delivery driver for LifeCare Alliance’s Meals-on-Wheels program, which provides meals for seniors in the community. He also volunteers for the Salvation Army.

Halcyon employees continuously look for ways to personally contribute while the company’s executives utilize the resources and talents of Halcyon to support local initiatives and community well-being. In doing so, the company has made a positive impact in the personal and professional lives of its employees and those inspired by them.

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