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HR technology Featured

7:40am EDT June 28, 2002
Tired of the paperwork involved in the employee benefit enrollment process? The answer could be an online HR resource which allows employees to enroll, review benefits and update their information at the click of a mouse.

"Most companies already have an intranet system," says Brian Williams, assistant vice president of Aon Consulting, which offers SelfServiceNow. "SelfServiceNow is a fully customizable company intranet site that offers employees a full range of services."

These services are modular, so a company can choose just those portions that work best for it. Services range from benefit enrollment to financial planning and are seamless on the Web site.

"When the employee enters the site, it looks like the company's," he says.

Williams says SelfServiceNow saves companies time.

"A lot of our clients have thousands of employees," he says. "SelfServiceNow allows the HR department to focus on its core mission instead of handling all that paperwork."

The platform communicates with the client's health care plan providers, offering plan descriptions and submitting enrollment information. The system can also generate reports so the client's HR department can track the enrollment process.

"We program the system to know what plans are available to a specific employee, and our ad hoc reports can let administrators know how many employees have enrolled and where," Williams says.

And if your employees are computer illiterate? There are alternative methods for enrollment.

"We also offer an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that employees can use to enroll over the phone," he says.

Some companies set up computer work stations during the enrollment period and offer employees assistance in completing the process online.

Williams says employees like the flexibility online enrollment offers.

"The employee can sit down with his or her spouse and discuss the options instead of being pressured to decide in one day," he says. How to reach: Aon Consulting, (614) 436-8100 or www.aon.com