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9:35am EDT July 22, 2002
We help 'em earn it

In response to your recent article, "Make 'em earn it" [SBN, August 2000], I really applaud the ideas you talk about, but the situation you write about was not as you claim it to be.

I, as opposed to Scouts, made the contact with Progressive Medical because of its track record in community service. The donation I was asking for was part of our Community Friends of Scouting Campaign, which makes up a small but significant part of the funds used by the Simon Kenton Council.

As the local, independent affiliate of the national organization, our volunteer-run programs depend on us for a variety of things. We maintain five camps, provide training to leaders, provide a great money-making opportunity in Trail's End Popcorn, provide all registration and clerical services, along with a monthly leader newsletter, a national magazine and year-round program support -- all at no charge to the leaders.

With these expectations in mind, I contacted Dave (Bianconi, president of Progressive) to help us fund these services and he offered to let boys wash cars for a donation. While this was the first time I had gotten such an offer, I knew that Troop 192 in Westerville would be happy to help for the greater good of Scouting. Troop 192 is to be commended for offering to help in the effort.

As you can see, the facts behind the car wash are very different. Nonetheless, I appreciate your sentiments and we encourage all of our leaders to teach their youth the value of a dollar.

Andrew Oswalt

senior district executive

Arrowhead District

Simon Kenton Council

Boy Scouts of America