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9:38am EDT July 22, 2002

As businesses and government move into the digital age, concerns over privacy are growing. Laws and policies are lagging behind technology, but with the proper tools and information, many privacy concerns may be eased.

On Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, the Ohio Supercomputer Center will host "Privacy2000: Information, Security and Ethics in the Digital Age" at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Columbus to inform groups such as business owners, managers, lawyers, consumers and government staff about uncertainties facing workplace, consumer and business privacy.

"Privacy and security are at the heart of the Internet and the e-commerce industry. It is imperative that both consumers and businesses understand the economic and social issues surrounding information flows -- both the benefits and the risks," says Julie Johnson, director of information policy and privacy at Bank One Corp. Johnson is a scheduled speaker at Privacy2000.

The forum is designed to address:

Privacy in the information age.

  • The impact of new technology on privacy.

  • Guidelines for safeguarding employer and employee privacy in the digital workplace.

  • Consumer privacy concerns.

  • Best practices and technological tools.

  • Through a mix of panel discussions and interactive workshops, participants will learn how to bridge gaps between technology and privacy problems.

    Panel discussions will address topics such as state and federal privacy laws affecting Ohio businesses; new business and consumer tools for protecting customer privacy; ethical issues concerning the protection and use of consumer information; and practices for the keeping of public records.

    Workshops will cover employee privacy in the digital workplace, the use and misuse of medical records, credit and financial information and privacy, privacy audits and new technology. A special half-day workshop for business owners will help them learn how to create and implement privacy policies for their companies.

    Privacy2000 speakers include Peter Swire, chief counselor for privacy with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget; George Trubow, director of the Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law at John Marshall Law School; Rebecca Whitener, principal of Global Security and Privacy Consulting Services with IBM Corp.; Larry Shapiro, executive vice president of GO.com; and privacy experts from the Better Business Bureau, the IRS, NCR and Nationwide. How to reach: For a complete schedule and registration information, visit www.privacy2000.org. For other information, contact Sol Bermann, Technology Policy Group legal project manager, at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, (614) 688-4578 or bermann@osc.edu.