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That’s news to me Featured

9:42am EDT July 22, 2002

RWS Building Co. has been awarded a contract for the Rickenbacker Office Warehouse Building No. 2 located at 7280 Alum Creek Drive. Construction on the 50,000-square-foot facility is expected to be completed this fall.

Criss Kilpatrick Funeral Directors Inc. of Licking County has merged with Schoedinger Funeral Service and Crematory. “We had numerous opportunities for merger or acquisition,” says Criss Kilpatrick Manager Jon Wagner. “In fact, we could have sold our company to a large, publicly traded funeral conglomerate that answers only to shareholders. But Schoedinger reports only to customers. They share our commitment to personalized service and strong family values. That’s important to us as we build on our 105 years of service to the Licking County community.” Criss Kilpatrick Funeral Services will keep its name and maintain its staff of five funeral directors and numerous support staff.

For the second consecutive year, Lord Sullivan & Yoder Public Relations has won a Nicholson Award from the National Association of Investors Corp. LSY won the award on behalf of its client, The Scotts Co., for the 1998 Scotts annual report. The Scotts annual report was named “Best in the Industry” in the household products category. LSY partnered with Columbus-based Salvato, Coe + Gaber Associates and representatives from The Scotts Co.’s investor relations and corporate communications departments to produce the annual report.

Columbus Community Hospital has been selected as a test market for a new drug screening procedure. The hospital’s Industrial Medicine Department is the first clinic in the nation to use the latest technology in drug testing called E-Screen. This process benefits employees by offering computer generated negative results within one to two hours of taking the test; securing confident test results; and expediting the hiring process.

Columbus-based Sport Management Inc. has garnered a consulting agreement with Quality Farm & Country and its primary sponsorship of a NASCAR Busch Grand National team with driver Jay Sauter. Sport Management will assist Quality with an overall communications plan for the company’s racing program, as well as its development of retail programs tied to NASCAR racing.

The Development Financing Advisory Council has approved a $156,000 loan at an interest rate of 5.25 percent for a 15-year term to Thompson Electronic Supplies. The funds will be used to purchase a 15,000 square-foot building. Thompson Electronic distributes electronic component parts for original equipment manufacturers.

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority has approved tax credits for three local companies. SubmitOrder.com Inc. has been granted a 65 percent tax credit for a 10-year term to expand its corporate headquarters by an additional 54,000 square feet. fourthchannel inc. has been approved for a 75 percent tax credit for a five-year term. The project will assist the company in plans to consolidate and expand operations with the lease of 30,000 square feet of space in New Albany and to invest in hardware, software and technology infrastructure. SingleSourceIT.com has received a 65 percent tax credit for a seven-year term to lease additional space and invest in information technology machinery and equipment.

Columbus-based Golf Car and Equipment Co. has announced the acquisition of P&J’s Golf Cars Inc. of Mansfield. “The acquisition provides Golf Car and Equipment Co. the opportunity to expand into heavily industrialized Northeast Ohio and the Lake Erie resort areas,” says Bill Mead, general manager of both companies.

Internet and new media provider iNet Extreams Inc. of Columbus has formed an alliance with Rhythms Net Connections, a Colorado-based provider of business class digital subscriber lines.

Twyman Safety, an international distributor of personal protective and environmental equipment has changed its name to Safety Today Inc. “Although the Twyman Safety name has served us well in the past, our new name, new (management) team and new (technology) tools are more indicative of what our business is about and where we are going in the future, “ says Tom Campbell, Safety Today’s COO. Safety Today also has reached an agreement to purchase Mine Safety Appliances Co.’s Midwest Service Center in Pittsburgh.

ECOutlook.com has been selected by Salt Lake City-based Huntsman Packaging Corp. to automate its worldwide supply chain process.

Profitworks Ltd. has worked with employees of Kingswood Lumber, a subsidiary of Khempco Building Supply Co., through a customized workshop to teach employees how they impact profitability.

Greencrest has added World-Wide Solutions Inc., a newly formed Puerto Rican consulting company, to its client list.

Fiber Network Solutions Inc. a Columbus-based Internet access and wide area network infrastructure provider, has opened its new 21,000-square-foot facility near the corner of Schrock Road and Cleveland Avenue. The new building will house a 7,000-square-foot network operations center and a 100-seat room that can be used for seminars or displays. The move was long overdue, says Fiber Network Solutions president David Koch. “We were probably 50 percent over capacity in the old building,” he says. The company has been hiring new engineering, sales and marketing workers to satisfy growing demand for its services.

EWI, the Edison Welding Institute, has received a Technology Partnerships Alliance Award from The Ohio State University for its role as an intermediary organization to the university and the industrial sector. EWI and the university have collaborated for more than 15 years in advancing materials joining technology and have a partnership that combines academic, government and industrial resources to perform research based on customer needs.

Columbus has received an Ohio Empowerment Zone award to support economic and community development activities. As an empowerment zone, Columbus will receive more than $660,000 in grants and tax breaks with the possibility of receiving additional monies in subsequent state and federal fiscal years. The empowerment zone designation is a 10-year designation.

The City of Columbus, in cooperation with the Columbus Compact Corp. and Columbus Urban Growth Corp. will use program funds to stimulate economic and work force development in the city’s empowerment zone by establishing a business loan fund to provide four to eight loans to businesses either expanding or locating in the zone; expanding or improving the Enterprise Center for Small Business to provide additional space for organizations interested in being housed there; marketing the empowerment zone; and establishing a land development fund to acquire and assemble at least two vacant and/or blighted parcels of land in the empowerment zone for commercial and/or industrial development.

The Columbus empowerment zone covers approximately 13.96 square miles and includes a population of 63,229. The 19 neighborhoods that comprise the zone in Columbus are the airport area, Acheron East, Driving Park, Duxberry, East Columbus, East Gate, Franklin Park, Franklinton, Italian Village, Livingston Park, Milo-Grogan, Mount Vernon/South, Mount Vernon/Garrison Park, Olde Towne East, South Linden, South of Main, Southside1, Triangle, Wenland Park/Unity and University Community. Collectively, business, government and nonprofit organizations have pledged more than $1.5 billion to the city’s empowerment zone.