Get leads while you sleep Featured

9:56am EDT July 22, 2002

Brad Couch suspected his employer might be missing out on business by not offering late-night and early-morning hours.

But instead of suggesting that the owners of Lewis & Michael Moving and Storage pay to staff the phone lines around the clock, Couch suggested they get the company online.

“The moving business is technophobic,” says Couch, spokesperson for the 95-year-old Columbus-based company. “But instead of running from it, we’re embracing it.”

The move appears to be paying off. In just two months, the company’s Web site,, recorded 1,065 visitors and 131 requests for quotes. That translates into 3.5 new leads per business day — and 42 percent of that traffic came to the site between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m., confirming Couch’s suspicion about off-hours business.

Couch says his company’s closing ratio for leads generated by the Web site is equal to its Yellow Pages ad. The cost of getting those leads, however, is much lower: $4 per lead for the Internet site vs. $75 per appointment for the Yellow Pages, he says. Now that’s one smart marketing move.