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9:57am EDT July 22, 2002

Business abroad might be getting more complicated.

That’s because a new European law prohibits the transfer of personal data to other countries lacking adequate privacy protection, according to a 1998 book co-authored by Ohio State University law professor Peter P. Swire.

If, for example, your company transfers human resource records from Europe across international borders, you might need to retain those records in Europe or get consent from the employee to transfer the information.

Swire and co-author Robert E. Litan of The Brookings Institution explain the European Union Directive on Data Protection and its effects in “None of Your Business: World Data Flows, Electronic Commerce, and the European Privacy Directive,” [Brookings Institution Press, $39.95].

They also recommend solutions, such as adopting self-regulatory measures and creating a government office to handle privacy and electronic commerce issues.