A starting point Featured

10:08am EDT July 22, 2002
Women starting, expanding or managing a business in Ohio can make their first stop the Women's Business Resource Program, created in 1983.

The program, part of the Ohio Small Business Development Center in the state's Department of Development, is affiliated with the Ohio Women's Business Resource Network, a consortium of 11 women's business development centers.

For women starting a business, the program offers a One-stop Business Permit Center where they can request a start-up packet that includes information on the types of licenses and permits they may need to start a business in Ohio.

Also available are packets with information about low-interest, business expansion loans available to women who have been in business at least one year.

Other benefits provided by the Women's Business Resource Program include:

  • A calendar of workshops aimed at women entrepreneurs and listings of networking organizations.

  • Referrals to the Ohio Women's Business Resource Network which, through member organizations, provides training, technical assistance, networking and mentoring to female entrepreneurs.

  • A directory of nearly 5,000 Ohio women business owners. Last published in 1996, the listing is available on disk for $25 a copy. An updated version is expected before the year 2000 and will be distributed free to businesses listed in the directory.

  • A statewide list of Women's Business Enterprise certifying agencies in Ohio.

  • "Market Your Assets: Procurement Opportunities for Women Business Owners." The Department of Development, through this program, provides access to management, technical, financial and procurement assistance; business-related education, training, counseling and information; network listings to identify qualified women-owned businesses; and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise assessment and referrals.

For more information on the Women's Business Resource Program, contact program manager Melody Borchers or administrative assistant Nina Cammon at 466-4945.