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10:10am EDT July 22, 2002

Educating tomorrow's entrepreneurs

Your March publication of Small Business News offered plenty of food for thought, as have all previous printings.

Your article, "You Never Stop Selling," will be going into a Hayes Tech entrepreneurship classroom along with several other interesting articles. I serve as a consultant to this graduating senior high class of 23 students.

These students are going to start a business of selling T-shirts. Incorporated within this project, they want to change their school logo and will enlist, by means of a contest, the entire school body to enter artistic drawings. Stock will be sold to Hayes Tech students and businesses within Grove City.

There is much negative news-written and televised-about high school students. The extreme opposite is true of this class. The students are in one concern: graduating with pride. They are attentive, hard working and community-minded. The class is bonded by its goals of beginning a new business, changing the logo and involving the school body. At the end of the school year, we will liquidate the business, pay the stockholders and pay earned wages to the officers.

Some of these seniors are the future leaders of our community. I feel privileged for having this opportunity to work with them.

Sue Watkins, owner

Knights Medical Claims Processing Service

Grove City