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9:45am EDT July 22, 2002
A sensible solution

I really enjoyed, “Managers are out,” by Patrick Donadio [SBN, December 1999]. I am with BH Thermal Corp. (formerly known as BriskHeat Corp.), which has been manufacturing in Columbus for 50 years.

It certainly is not “business as usual” when it comes to managing people; we are learning a new mindset is needed. I agree with the author in that “managing by control is not practical and does not lead to ... superior performance.”

Managers need to adapt to each individual employee and being a “coach” makes a lot of sense.

James P. Zins


BH Thermal Corp.


It’s all about attitude

Just had to comment on your editorial in SBN [“Sorry, we don’t have that,” December 1999].

Wasn’t the exact idea you suggest the basis of the story that was told in a very old movie (one of my favorites, to this day), “The Miracle on 34th Street,” with Natalie Wood?

I do agree, though, that helping someone and sending them in the right direction, even if you can’t help them [yourself], is the way to go.

I recently saw how people helped people in a similar fashion — over the Internet even! When a hurricane hit Charleston, S.C., [last] year, there was a bulletin board posted by the Emergency Management Center on the Internet. Everyone was so helpful, it was incredible (my husband and I have relatives and property down there). We had information before my parents who live there did!

So, the spirit of helping and giving of yourself, is not just for Christmas; it should be a daily part of our lives, whether in business, the mall or in disaster situations. It’s something both the giver and the receiver will feel good about.

Beth Thomae

administrative secretary

City of Dublin

A losing battle

I enjoyed your article [“Where’s the demand?” SBN, January 2000] and, like you, I feel the Dispatch should move on. Sadly, companies like the Dispatch often feel they are bigger than life.

I support Time Warner’s position and, frankly, think the company has gone beyond the call of duty to get consumers to support its position. Let Channel 10 try to exist without Time Warner cable. I believe it will come cowering back after a short time without the advertising revenues. Thanks for your insight.

Earl F. Smith

area sales manager


Time to take a stand

The bad news is, I don’t read much of SBN Columbus, except for your editorials. The good news is, I really like your editorials. I compliment you on the soundness of your business insights, the reasonableness of your tone, and the precision of your language.

While I have promised myself that I would write to you for some time, it is your January 2000 editorial on the ONN/Time Warner dispute that finally moved me to make good on that promise [“Where’s the demand?”]. Like you, I believe Time Warner has done the right thing.

Faced with such blatant blackmail, I only wonder that it took them so long to recognize what was the right thing.

Ken Keller