Letters to the editor Featured

9:56am EDT July 22, 2002

Nice facelift

In the March issue of SBN Columbus, you invited comments on the new format [“Not broken? Fix it anyway”]. I find it excellent and must compliment you on your publication. I feel that it has much more practical value than your competitors’ publications and thoroughly enjoy receiving and reading it.

Robert W. Clark, M.D., medical director
Regional Sleep Disorders Center
Columbus Community Hospital

Worth reading

I enjoyed your article on Gary James [“Who to Know,” SBN, April 1999]. It is wonderful to see successful businessmen give back. It is also refreshing to have one share his most candid thoughts.

My firm specializes in providing business advice and raising capital for small and medium-sized companies. If I had one wish, it would be that all the entrepreneurs we represent would take the time to read your article. They would clearly benefit from it.

Keep up the good work.

J. Michael Leonard, president
JRP Consulting Group

Enough’s enough

Right on! I find it incredible what the legal system allows regarding frivolous lawsuits such as hot coffee, smokers suing the manufacturers when it says right on the pack, “May be hazardous to your health.” Utterly ridiculous! Your lighter example you wrote about is equally astonishing [“The cruel truth,” SBN Columbus, April 1999]. Who can we write to, to communicate our outrage?

Duane Hickerson, partner
Marketing Services by Vectra Inc.