Always lending a hand Featured

7:00pm EDT January 21, 2010

Debra Penzone

Kent Clapp Leadership Award

It’s no accident that Charles Penzone Family of Salons is known as much for volunteerism and community service as it is for the great personal care that it provides for its guests.

That sense of duty to help out others begins with Debra Penzone, the company’s president and tireless advocate for those who are struggling.

Penzone was already developing her sense of responsibility when she took over the family paper route at the age of 9. As the fifth of seven children, she saw the values that her siblings and parents were demonstrating and integrated them into her own life. 

Her dedication and commitment to service led to the formation of Debra Penzone LLC in 2008, a company dedicated to providing speaking, training and consulting services. A percentage of the proceeds from this organization goes directly to charity.

In the same year that Penzone launched this new company, she also started the Earth Angels Foundation, a contributing organization focused on uplifting the mind, body and spirit.

Penzone has dedicated her life to helping others, to empowering women, eliminating cancer and creating new opportunities for children.

She has passed on these values to her associates at the salons and to all who encounter her in her charitable endeavors.

She demonstrates her commitment through such initiatives as the Look Good … Feel Better program. Penzone takes part in the program that helps women with cancer develop appearance-enhancing skills and a positive state of mind about their battle with cancer.

But she also helps train cosmetologists, some from her company and some from other salon organizations, to give them the tools they need to take part in the program.

It’s that ability to not only offer support but also leadership that makes Penzone a difference-maker in Central Ohio. She leads and coordinates numerous volunteer programs and helps choose projects that are carried out throughout the year.

She draws on her past experience to make sure new projects go well and sets an example that encourages others to follow her lead.

Through the thousands of hours of volunteerism provided by Penzone and her associates at the salons, she is truly an asset to the region and an advocate for anyone who truly needs a helping hand.

How to reach: Charles Penzone Family of Salons, (614) 898-1190 or