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12:30pm EDT May 31, 2002
Nancy Byron's characterization of Bank One as "just another big, out-of-town bank" in your April 2002 editorial ("All the right moves") went beyond editorial license. It is flat out untrue.

Four years removed from the announcement of Bank One's merger with First Chicago NBD, Bank One remains one of Columbus' most important corporate citizens and one of its largest employers. With more than 9,000 associates who live, work and pay taxes in Greater Columbus, we employ more than twice the number of Central Ohioans as any other financial services company, including the so-called "hometown bank."

Furthermore, Bank One Corp. made more than $3 million in charitable donations to the Columbus community during 2001, and our volunteer army of associates generously donate their own time, money and expertise every day toward the betterment of our communities.

Let's also set the record straight on our supposed "exposed underbelly" since our merger. Here are the facts: Bank One continues to serve more consumer and business banking customers than any other bank in Columbus.

Bank One is proud of its Columbus roots, and we are proud of our continuing role as a community leader, a top employer and the best financial services company in Columbus.

Melissa Ingwersen,


Bank One, Columbus