Rick Snyder

Monday, 22 July 2002 09:50

Worth one more look

While the vast majority of organizations have addressed Y2K-related issues, it never hurts to take one final look at your compliance procedures — just in case. Review this checklist to help ensure your organization has attained full Y2K readiness:

1. Have you taken a detailed inventory consisting of hardware vintage and software release levels? Have you reviewed all of the individual components that constitute your telecommunications system? Various applications and ancillary equipment could have potential Y2K issues.

If you need help identifying those components and their Y2K status, contact your service provider.

2. Have you purchased, installed and fully tested your Y2K upgrades? If not, you could be bumping up against deadlines set by major service providers for committing to install Y2K upgrades.

3. Do you fully understand your supplier-provider chain? Your organization is only as compliant as the suppliers or providers with which your business interacts. Be sure you know about the Y2K readiness of your business partners.

Service organizations should be working closely with key suppliers to understand each other’s Y2K issues and plans for continued business survival. Forge agreements with your suppliers with the objective of developing a single, integrated contingency plan whereby orders for last-minute upgrades and post-Y2K support for noncompliant products will be seamless and expeditious for the customer.

4. Have you recently visited your manufacturers’ Web sites? Although you may have received a letter of compliance from your service provider, compliance information and vendor statements change frequently. Most manufacturers have gone on record stating that their Y2K Web site is their official source for product updates.

5. Have you minimized your liability in communicating Y2K product or service issues with your customers by taking advantage of the Year 2000 Readiness and Disclosure Act?

6. If you are a distributor of a product or service that may be subject to the impact of Y2K, have you reviewed your distribution agreements to ensure that the warranty provisions cover date and time recognition problems? As a distributor, the warranties that you provide your customers are only as strong as the commitment of your suppliers.

Rick Snyder is senior vice president and general manager for Williams Communications Solutions’ 24-state central territory, which includes Ohio. Williams Communications provides business communications equipment and multimedia integration services for data, voice, video and advanced applications. The company can be reached at (800) 945-5426.