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Sheri Tackett

founder and president

Delta Energy LLC

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Marley is a 3-year-old girl who really, really wanted to go to Walt Disney World. As much as it would mean to any child to get to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the gang in person, it would be even more special for Marley. She had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The team at Delta Energy learned about Marley’s situation through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and sprang into action. Through various fundraising efforts, Delta quickly raised $6,700 to cover the expense of the trip and provide spending money for Marley and her family.

But the company didn’t stop there. Delta held a welcome home party for Marley and her family when they returned from their trip. The party included several of Marley’s favorite things, including light and dark pink M&Ms and Mickey Mouse cake pops. In addition, the family was presented with a steppingstone handmade by a Delta employee that included several scenes from Marley’s favorite Disney movies. The scenes were meticulously recreated with colored glass that was set in the stone.

Efforts like that have made Delta such a special place under the leadership of founder and President Sheri Tackett. The company has dealt with its own internal challenges when employees or friends and family of employees became sick. In every instance, the company stepped up and did whatever it could to offer support. It’s just the way things are done at Delta Energy.

Published in Columbus

Medical Mutual 2011 Pillar Award

for Community Service — Columbus

There were a lot of happy students at Livingston Avenue Elementary School last fall, and they had Delta Energy LLC to thank for their good spirits. The company coordinated a school supply drive for students in the financially challenged Columbus neighborhood and came through in a big way.

Employees collected 10,300 sheets of paper, 701 pencils, 180 glue sticks, 68 boxes of crayons, 56 boxes of markers and 50 boxes of colored pencils. They also contributed 54 boxes of tissues and 22 bottles of hand sanitizer.

The effort was just one of many such initiatives Delta Energy has taken on over the years to give back to the community that it serves. When a number of natural disasters around the world put blood levels at a critical low, Delta stepped up and helped three blood drives at its headquarters. A total of 39 pints of blood was collected and one platelet donation was made, resulting in 117 recipients served.

Founder and President Sheri Tackett encourages her employees to look for ways they can help people who are struggling each day. The Dublin Food Pantry received 11,000 canned goods from employees and the American Heart Association benefitted from Delta volunteers who agreed to help direct walkers through its Start! Heart Walk in downtown Columbus.

One philanthropic effort of Delta hit particularly close to home. A Delta employee lost a child to blood-related cancer and as a result, the company has become heavily involved in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Central Ohio. One team member serves as vice president of the board and volunteers have stepped up to help with major fundraising events.

On a lighter note, but just as importantly in the end, the company operates a Jeans Day fund throughout the year. Employees can wear jeans on Fridays, but they are asked to make a donation to do so. The company then matches what is raised and last year, $7,200 was contributed to seven charities.

How to reach: Delta Energy LLC, (614) 339-2600 or https://www.deltaenergyllc.com

Published in Columbus